Ultimately, the best solution to bun problems is to entirely remove the middle man, and teach the students to do their own hair as early as possible. In a majority of recreational schools students might be asked to tie their hair up, but are rarely expected to wear their hair in buns for all classes, and certainly strict professional-level-tidy buns are usually only ever mandatory for exams or performances.

Because of this, students are ill-used to correctly putting up their own hair, so when it comes to exams and performances, parents and teachers are forced to step in to ensure students hair that is both well presented, and sufficiently secure.

Now, many teachers feel that despite this issue, they are not comfortable making ballet buns compulsory for all classes so as to accommodate for individual students home lives and circumstances etc. Yet, an alternative option is to offer a free 'Bun Making Masterclass' at the start of each year, during which students are taught techniques on how to put their hair up to a high standard independently.

Possibly this could be developed into a competition as to who has created the strongest or neatest bun, either for the end of the workshop, or even continued throughout the rest of the year (the element of competition ideally helping retain interest and a desire to put their hair up for all classes).

This way, students will not only become proficient at their own buns for exams and performances, but they will be adopting the discipline of putting ones hair up for ballet like a pro, without necessarily even realising it.


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